Thursday, November 04, 2010

All we have are Nukes and WWW

Watching NatgeoTV on the Galaxy.

Occurs to me a civilization 1,000 years advanced of us,
may not have much interest in us.

Much like a ant colony in my back 40.
Nothing I want or need there.

And if I wanted to let everyone know where
I was in the Galaxy maybe I create a shaped
charge in one of the stars and set it off,
some kind of strange quasar?

A huge stellar light house in the Galaxy.
Only the civilizations advanced enough
would recognize the signal for what it was.

Hell we don't even know what "dark material"
is yet.

The relevant medium of exchange of civilizations
may be Technology, not natural resources,
as the Charts of elements indicate the possibility
all elements can be created from a few base items.

And all we have is nukes and the WWW.
HA HA lol.


Back Thought:
NOW a civilization only 100 years advanced of us
may see NASA - Voyager 
as a menu, for lunch, complete with translator

disk...And with map to the Restaurant.


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