Friday, August 13, 2010

Energy shortage problem. NOT

The Earth is a dynamo, a fluid dynamo the earths metal liquid core.
It produces a huge magnetic field.

Computer Simulations Reveal Earth Dynamo At Work

Geophysics: Probing Earth's dynamo : Nature

When we tap this dynamo for energy that should solve
the energy problem.

Nikola Tesla had some ideas on it.
Our earth core generates elect.

How do we tap it for FREE energy?
I mean its there, the earth's core is a dynamo
where is my free power?

Some body call Darpa.


Ring Current

Ring current is like a vast invisible river where currents flow without resistance. Positively charged particles flow westward and negatively charged particles flow eastward like cars in opposite lanes of a freeway. It is a very dynamic process. The flow of particles is so thick that they appear to occupy the same space. Other particles from the magneto tail ride the field’s lines down to the polar-regions and create the beautiful aurora in Earth’s atmosphere.

Ring current extends from about 8,000 kilometers to nearly 30,000 kilometers from the surface and occupies nearly the same zone as the much more energetic Van Allen belts. Ring current particles carry energy. It is not a complete equatorial ring like Saturn’s rings and its strength increases and decreases with the activity in the magneto tail region. It is always at its strongest on the night-side of the Earth.


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