Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My two minds.

My two minds. 

I've been working on a hypothesis about 
how our mind works.

The current paradigm doesn't meet its own ontological 

Like I control myself.
My brain makes all the 

And I'm the boss of my life.

The brain has long been recognized
as the center for conscious thought.

Of course that supposes unconscious 
thought. And there is the autonomic nervous system.
If I remember right the Pons and madula oblagota.

I think the unconscious mind and Subconscious 
and the autonomic nervous system are all part
of the second brain.

The first brain is what we read this article

Other proofs are;
Comas, when the brain connection to the body is cut off
but the body keeps working, heart pounding and breathing.

Or when anesthetic puts the brain to sleep and the body keeps
working. The brain is out but the autonomic nervous system
( ANS ) keeps the heart and lungs working.

I think the brains are separate but integrated.
A example of this is pornography.

The ANS causes a physical response to seeing the act
of reproduction ( we call it porno ), and engages
the brains attention through pleasure centers.

In the case of pornography the second mind
can engage the first mind.
ANS engages the Brains interest, on the
basis of continuation of the species, from
which our obsession with sex is derived.

The ANS even leads the brain to kiss
and engage in oral sex to maybe taste and
smell the other, A chemical test by the second brain
to check the others health and DNA?
Kind of  similar to pheromone reaction that engages the
Brain or the smell of baked bread makes
the brain think of mother.
ANS making direct subconscious inputs
into the conscious brain.

In the case of tasting the other it might
be an ANS checking the others DNA.
by some taste and smell chemical test.

I assume I'm not the only person that
has this experience, watching TV
and I need to pee. When the commerical
comes on I find my self walking to the Bath
room to empty a full bladder without even
thinking about it or even given any consent.

Its like the brain has no other goals or
objections and the ANS just moves you
to the bathroom, you never think ok
get up go to the bathroom, you just
seem to do it.

When the Brain relaxes the second brain
the ANS can act, and thats the level they
are integrated.

They the two minds are integrated
but separate. The second brain the
ANS is the cup for the first mind the
brain. And the brain runs things but
the second brain is working in the 
background. Keeping the body alive
and watching for mortal threats.

An example of the second mind taking
over is when we dream. And the ANS
actually takes over the brains visual and
other functions to produce dreams or

The second mind the ANS isn't completely
logical, hense the some times strange dreams
or nightmares.
But the second mind is most closely connected
to the base responses for continuation of the
species, the obsession with sex, and preservation of life.
When we get a burn the ANS pulls the injured part
away from the flame before the brain even knows the
body has been burned.

I also think the "lizard brain " the advertising
agency's talk about is part of the ANS.

In fights I also suspect the fight process and
actions are not completely governed by the brain
but influenced by the ANS,
as measures of self preservation.
Once the Brain gives the "Fight"
command the ANS starts influencing
the swinging and fight response.
My left hook seems to just launch its
self if an opportunity arises during a

Eating maybe also a ANS function.
We don't think generally what to do or how
to eat, I think the brain just allows the ANS
to function and feed us and trigger the feelings
of taste and smell and fullness of the belly.
The brain chooses the food but at times
you just eat, not much thought given to
the actual how or mech actions.
Does the ANS reward the brain with these
pleasure sensations.

The two minds work together like the left
and right hand?
Not smarter and dumber but
just different functions, and when in balance
the body and mind function well.

" I hear voices, ( the second mind? ),
but they are in Spanish,
and I don't speak Spanish,
so I can ignore them."
From the comedy channel.

I'd be interested in your thoughts.




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