Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Paradigm Intel


20 at a time?




New research out this week from Gartner tells us that the amount of PCs being used around the world has now passed the 1 billion mark, and that number is set to double in the next 6 years.

( World population is around 7 billion )


USA has over 100,000 troops in Theater, TRAIN THEM TO BLOG:
Potential 25,000 troop blogs, huge untrained asset, NOT DEPLOYED.
Military needs to view the WWW not as something to fear, but as a Information
weapon in the GWOT.
Terroist have 6,000+ blogs, forums, Military could overwhelm them with
trained Bloggers, ( Rule sets, guidelines, oversight ) and stop fearing the Internet.
The risk in not using a Troop Bloggers, is far exceeded by allowing as-Sahab
al qaeda's
media arm to win the information WAR, recruiting, propaganda,
suicide bombers, funding, sourcing independent cells.

"It is just plain embarrassing that al-Qaeda is better at communicating its message on the Internet than America," Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said in a speech in November."As one foreign diplomat asked a couple of years ago, 'How has one man in a cave managed to out-communicate the world's greatest communication society?' "

al Qaeda setting the Internet paradigm.

The air Force has the key Paradigm for WWW offensive capabilities,
and seem to be uncertain if they are up to the MISSION, ( Air Force takes 2 steps BACK )
while the Army has the force, capability to DOMINATE THE WWW INFORMATION WAR,
and have rejected the mission
, instituting repressive rules and regs. effectively blocking troops from blogging. currently Army bloggers need approval and article review of 3 or 4 line officers
to publish each post.

Paradigm problem: Military has problems recognizing new domains, and fears engaging the enemy on these new fields of battle, while al Qaeda only continues to exist; because they embrace and exploit the new domain. While the Western military fears the new domains.
And civilization is at risk, while al Qaeda dominates these domains, WWW and Info war. ( 6 mont
hs to a NUKE )
( We never fought there before, not our job, too risky, don't know how, nobody told us to fight there, ETC. )


Back to the Point Middle Eastern demonization of USA.

While the Middle East fear change, American Culture is a force of its own, greater then the forces
of the Military in many ways.
American culture has very little "selling pressure", and a lot of "buying Pressure".
NO one likes to be sold but everyone likes to buy.
"Buying pressure" is internally generated by the buyer.
Cultures have minimal impact on this type of buying pressure.
Their cultural wall is doomed to crumble.
And the West will be un-demonized in time.

American style, movies, music transend most cultural barriers, and threaten change.
Look at Cokc cola.

The West is NOT Satan. ( Read the Troop Blogs, ooppps they haven't been deployed )

In the long term American culture will un-demonize the West, but that takes time.
And in this time of non-state actors in the GWOT we may not have that time.

State actors with a religious bent towards state suicide are problematic.
WHY Iran will push the button

Long term the world is secure, short term the world is at catastrophic risk.


I just realized there is not a force anywhere in the world that the US Military is afraid of, EXCEPT THE INTERNET, that knocks their little knees together.


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